God Created Everything

The Bible:

Wisdom 13:5  - We can understand something about God from the beauty and greatness of the world around us.  

Psalm 104:24  - God is wise. He made many different creatures

Romans 1:20 - We can understand something about God through what has been made. 

Romans 4:17 - God gives life to all things and brings everything into existence. 

1 Timothy 4:4 - Everything created by God is good; receive it in thanksgiving. 

The Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC)

CCC 109-114 - How best to interpret Scripture.  

CCC 279-324 -The Church’s teaching on creation 

Official Church Documents:

Laudato Si, Encyclical by Pope Francis, Paragraphs 12 and 65-69 

Other Sources:

The Thomistic Institute: A video on the divine attributes of God and how to know something about Him.  

Bishop Robert Barron: A video on misreading Genesis

Catholic Answers article: Six Days of Creation by Jimmy Akin 

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