Making All Things New Evangelization

All baptized Catholics are called to bring others to Christ, and I felt this call at a critical point in my life. More precisely, I felt a desire to bring the New Evangelization into a reality in America.

 The New Evangelization asks Catholics to reach out to those who have left the Church. So, I began by building relationships with people who were hungry for something more in life and would invite them to consider a relationship with Jesus. But my desire to work for the New Evangelization grew to a point where I wanted to do more than walk with people one-on-one — I wanted to do something bigger that would affect more people, so I left my loved ones behind and embarked on a journey.

 At various points along my journey, however, I grew weary and doubted there was any fruit of my labor. Case in point—around the time I saw the job posting as an Evangelization Consultant for the Archdiocese of Boston, I was discerning leaving my present efforts for the New Evangelization and enter into the business world, going back home where I grew up.

 At the time, the non-profit I worked for played a role in the New Evangelization in the Tri-State area but, in my opinion, it did not provide the follow-up parishioners need from their parishes. That support would have to come from the parish and the dioceses where we served, and that didn’t always happen. I kept asking myself, “Why weren’t dioceses jumping into the New Evangelization? And why were they doing the same old thing that no longer works? Why were dioceses not intentionally supporting the New Evangelization?”

 When I read the pastoral plan of the Archdiocese of Boston, I thought, “Finally, a diocese (and not just a pastor) who is focusing on evangelization.” Here was a diocese that was investing in changing the culture of their local church by training pastors, pastoral teams, and parishioners in evangelization and discipleship! “Who does that?,” I thought. I felt renewed in my desire to work for the New Evangelization.

Presenting the Forming Disciples in Mission workshops has fed my desire to make Christ known to others by equipping disciples to bring others to Christ. The participants here in Boston knew something needed to happen in their parishes but were unsure of where to start or what to do in their own lives to and bring others into this journey of discipleship. The workshops provide clarity through the new ideas presented, the group discussions, and by providing practical tools to further equip them for making the New Evangelization a reality in their parishes.

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