Responding to God's Call to Evangelize

When something strikes a chord in you, you feel it in your bones. That’s what I felt when I first began to learn and study the content of the Forming Disciples in Mission (FDIM) workshop upon joining the Archdiocese of Boston as an Evangelization Consultant. At its essence, the truth, practicality, and encouragement of the workshop’s message provides nourishment. Where had this message been hiding my whole life? I would have loved to have had this foundation on evangelization and some helpful tips to keep in mind when journeying with friends and family who had who had fallen away from their faith. The Lord knew this hopeful message would resonate with me and would be a gift for me to share with others. I knew I had to respond to His invitation.

Let me take you back to the summer of 2015. Life was great. I was healthy, happy with family and friends, and I was in a challenging, rewarding human resources career where I know I was valued and greatly enjoyed the work. Why change a thing? Well, for several years, I had felt a quiet invitation from God, to take what I had learned from over a decade in organizational and leadership development to serve the Church. What would that look like, I wondered? In my career in the secular world I knew I was using my God-given talents and I’m a strong believer in people of faith working in all sectors. But I finally decided to respond to this mysterious invitation by taking a leap of faith—and a bit of a risk—and quitting my job to take time off to finish a ministry master’s degree in theology and create more space where He could reveal to me what was next. That was hard for a planner like me! In His own perfect timing, He revealed this next step.

The response to FDIM throughout the Archdiocese of Boston and beyond—like in London, Ontario—gives me hope. And I love how our other workshop, Forming Leaders for Mission, guides disciples in discerning and living out their unique calls to lead! (The Lord provided me confirmation that I was where He wanted me through my participation in the content design of this latest workshop.) One thing I loved about my work in human resources was that HR professionals work to align the passions and skills of individuals with the needs of an organization to achieve results. Infinitely more important and meaningful is this work of the Archdiocese of Boston to accompany individual disciples and parishes in discerning their God-given gifts and talents and their unique and irreplaceable roles in the mission of the Church!

Each of us is on a journey—a journey of discipleship with a unique mission. How generous He is! I am excited and confident that through Forming Disciples in Mission and Forming Leaders for Mission individuals will continue to respond to our Lord’s invitation to a relationship with Him and, with open hearts, go and share the Good News!


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