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Discipleship begins at home. Parents are primarily responsible for introducing their children to God and helping them develop a personal relationship with Him. Parishes support and encourage parents in this work.

Project Nazareth provides parishes with resources to equip and encourage parents as they accompany their children in their faith journey. Project Nazareth will help strengthen parents in their spiritual journey even as they build up their children’s faith.

Project Nazareth: The Toolkit

The toolkit is the heart of Project Nazareth. Each toolkit offers three learning objectives from Scripture readings. Moreover, the toolkit provides ways of living out, praying with, and talking about the truths of our faith.

The resources are available in the following languages:

  • Weekly liturgical toolkits – English and Spanish
  • Themed Microseries toolkits – English, Spanish, and Portuguese
  • Parent and Prayer Guides – English, Spanish, Portuguese, Haitian Creole, Vietnamese
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About Project Nazareth

Project Nazareth digitally delivers weekly resources to families with children ages 5 through 12. But, these resources are flexible! They can be adapted for other ages and work with children with varying abilities. Additionally, these materials show parents how to teach their children to Ponder, Listen, Pray, and Act on Sacred Scripture.

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For parents and children to think together about the mysteries of our faith.

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For families to read the Bible together and prepare for Sunday Mass.

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For families to learn basic prayers and develop the habit of praying.

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For families to do activities that reinforce the week’s learning objectives.

The key to Project Nazareth is relationships. God wishes to be in relationship with each one of us. A network of relationships between parish leaders, parents, children, and families will create the foundation for the building of this relationship with God. Children are more likely to carry their faith to adulthood when parents share their faith. Project Nazareth equips and inspires parents in raising Catholic kids.

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Project Nazareth: The Series

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