Forming Disciples in Mission

Christ calls all Catholics to become intentional disciples—to spread God’s Word, create and lead new disciples, and be witnesses to the power of His transformative love.

Forming Disciples in Mission helps parishes raise up new disciples and leaders. It equips them with the language and skills needed for evangelization.

About Forming Disciples in Mission

Forming Disciples in Mission is a one- or two-day workshop for parish leaders and baptized disciples to develop a foundation, common language, and skillset to carry out evangelization.

Parishes organizing this program can help disciples:

  • Learn how to share their personal testimonies.
  • Create a firm understanding of what evangelization is.
  • Discuss practical ways to evangelize the community and the world.
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What’s Included in This Workshop

The Forming Disciples in Mission workshop is a comprehensive exploration of six core discipleship topics:

  • The New Evangelization: Teaching the Art of Living
  • Disciples: Embracing the Call to Holiness
  • Journey of Discipleship: Drawing Closer to Christ
  • Witness: Sharing Personal Testimony
  • Forming Disciples: Living the Great Commission
  • Evangelizing Parishes: Becoming Centers for the New Evangelization

The workshop is geared toward clergy, parish staff, pastoral teams, parish councils, school boards, finance councils, and more.

Join the Workshop

Forming Disciples in Mission is free to attend if you are a member of the Archdiocese of Boston.

If you are participating from outside the Archdiocese, joining the workshop costs $25.

You can also get the companion workbook from our shop.

Interested in bringing the workshop to your parish? We can bring the workshop to you. Contact us at

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