Family Lenten Resources

Pray the Stations of the Cross as a family with our free Stations of the Cross Booklet.

During Lent, we try to connect with our Lord through prayer. The Stations of the Cross are the most popular prayer for parishes and families for the Lenten season.


Project Nazareth is offering a free downloadable Stations of the Cross booklet. You can use it in your parish or for when you pray as a family. The booklet even gives you some ideas to discuss the prayer with your children.

Stations of the Cross Booklet

Print* a booklet for each member of your family.
When your children connect the dots and color the images, they will feel it is their very own book!

(Set your printer for double-sided printing flipped on the long edge.)

When you pray the stations with your parish or at home,
your child will have their very own book to help them pray along.

Use the Ponder questions on the back to talk about Jesus and the Stations of the Cross with your children.