Disciples don’t just happen. Rather, disciples must be called by God. And once we’re called, we need to know how to respond and follow Him. In other words, Catholics need to be intentional—orienting everything in our lives toward Christ. Our families. Our marriages. Our work. Our friendships. And once we’ve begun to live Christ-centered lives, then we’ve got to lead others to hear and follow that same call.

We in Boston have had our share of challenges responding to this call by God, so we’ve had to up our game on the evangelization front. The clergy abuse scandal, shifting demographics, and aggressive secularization have all but decimated a once thriving Catholic presence in Boston over the past several decades.

Cardinal Seán O’Malley knew he had to address the decline, so he chose the path of renewal and hope. He carefully assembled a team to develop evangelization and leadership workshops for parishes throughout the archdiocese so the church in Boston would grow again. These workshops, Forming Disciples in Mission and Forming Leaders for Mission, developed and refined over the past five years, provide Catholics with the language of discipleship and an understanding of how to live as an intentional disciple and also how to lead and form other disciples.

Having worked with over 100 parishes here in Boston, we’ve learned that the parishes and parish leadership who are really taking the work of evangelization seriously are re-energized. Their pastoral teams, their liturgies, and their faith formation programs are stronger and they’re better positioned to grow again.

Dioceses around the world have taken notice of our evangelization efforts here in Boston. We’ve brought these 1-day workshops to other dioceses in the U.S. and Canada, and have had serious interest from as far away as Australia. And we can bring these workshops to you.

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