Forming Leaders for Mission

A Workshop in Leadership

The Basics
Forming Leaders for Mission is a one-day or two-evening session designed to support all in the parish community in discerning and developing their particular calls to lead within their personal, family, community, and parish lives. During the session, participants will begin to discover their unique calls to lead and learn skills needed to be effective. This dynamic workshop includes a mixture of group activities, individual reflection, prayer, and conversation.

The Audience
Clergy, parish staff/pastoral teams, parish councils, school boards, and finance councils. Also any volunteers or parishioners who would benefit from this training.

The Details
Forming Leaders for Mission provides an exploration of the following topics:

  • Your Call to Lead
  • Communications with the Love of Christ
  • Jesus’ Plan for Conflict Management
  • Perseverance and Cooperation in Times of Change
  • Inspired Growth

The Workbook
Check out the Forming Leaders for Mission workbook here!

The Workshop

Learn more and sign up for an upcoming workshop date here!

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