Project Nazareth Prayer Guide

In his address to young people in 1979, Pope Saint John Paul II described prayer as “the recognition of our limitation and our dependence: we come from God, we belong to God and we return to God!” God desires a relationship with each one of us. Like with any strong relationship, the foundation is communication. We communicate with God through prayer. The witness of the prayer life of their parents, along with the prayer life of the family all together, will set an example for children as they develop their own habits of prayer. Every family’s prayer life will be unique, as will the personal prayer life of each of its members. The Project Nazareth Prayer Guide sets out to provide families the foundational prayers in our rich Catholic faith and tips for how to pray with Scripture, at Church, throughout the day, and on the go! 
Project Nazareth Parent Guide

Parents are the first educators of their children in the faith. We learn in the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC 2252), that “parents have the first responsibility for the education of their children in the faith, prayer, and all the virtues. They have the duty to provide as far as possible for the physical and spiritual needs of their children.” This may seem daunting, but it does not need to be! No matter where parents are on their own spiritual journeys, Project Nazareth gives families the opportunity to explore their faith together. Exploring faith as a family allows children to see and hear parents engage with faith through prayer, study, generosity, and evangelization; this example is essential for children as they grow in their own spiritual journeys. The Project Nazareth Parent Guide provides a helpful overview to help parents navigate the Sacred Mysteries and Good News weekly toolkits. The guide will help parents set the space in their own homes to ponder, listen, pray, and act as a family – integrating the Catholic faith into daily family life. 
Project Nazareth Parish Guide

It is a parish-wide effort to help ensure that every parishioner in the parish boundaries is evangelized and invited into a relationship with Christ. Pope Saint Paul VI tells us that “evangelizing is in fact the grace and vocation proper to the Church, her deepest identity. She exists in order to evangelize, that is to say, in order to preach and teach.” (Evangelii Nuntiandi, 14). Parents are the primary educators of their children in the faith; parishes are called to assist parents in introducing their children to Christ and accompanying parents in their own faith journeys. Parents look to their parishes for support, community, and spiritual nourishment. The Project Nazareth Parish Guide outlines for parish leaders the structure and approach of the Sacred Mysteries and Good News series and the micro series weekly toolkits; the guide includes ideas for implementing Project Nazareth, integrating this initiative into the full parish approach that would also include separate sacramental preparation and safety programs, engaging volunteers, and building relationships.  
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