evangelize TEAM

Michael Lavigne

Assistant Cabinet Secretary
for Evangelization and Discipleship 

617-746-5748 | mlavigne@rcab.org

Liz Cotrupi

Director of Family Life 
and Ecclesial Movements

617-746-5801  | ecotrupi@rcab.org

Patrick Krisak

Director of Faith Formation
and Missionary Discipleship

617-746-5753 | pkrisak@rcab.org

Joan Lamar

Director of Creative Projects

617-746-5749 | jlamar@rcab.org

Matt Arias

Project and Technology Consultant

617-746-5746 | marias@rcab.org

Lorna DesRoses

Evangelization Consultant, Ethnic Communities

617-746-5810 | ldesroses@rcab.org

Chris Donoghue

Evangelization Consultant

617-746-5770 | cdonoghue@rcab.org

Emily Elliott

Family Life Consultant

617-746-5756 | eelliott@rcab.org

Ann Gennaro

Communications and Content Specialist

617-746-5771 | agennaro@rcab.org

Kathryn Griffin

Family Life Consultant

617-746-5758 | kgriffin@rcab.org

Mike Habeeb

Family Life Consultant

617-746-5830 | mhabeeb@rcab.org

Melissa Kalpakgian

Evangelization Consultant

617-746-5755 | mkalpakgian@rcab.org

Tom Lyman

Evangelization Consultant

617-746-5759 | tlyman@rcab.org

Rosemary Maffei

Evangelization Consultant

617-746-5760 | rmaffei@rcab.org

Sr. Elsa Narvaez, HMSP

Evangelization Consultant, Hispanic Communities

617-746-5792 | narvae_e@rcab.org

Jamille Pandolfo

Evangelization Consultant, Ethnic Communities

617-746-5791 | jpandolfo@rcab.org

Elizabeth Stroka

Design Production Specialist

617-746-5069 | estroka@rcab.org

"It is impossible for us not 

to speak about what we 

have seen and heard."

Acts 4:20


Disciples don’t just happen. Rather, disciples must be called by God. And once we’re called, we need to know how to respond and follow Him. In other words, Catholics need to be intentional—orienting everything in our lives toward Christ. Our families. Our marriages. Our work. Our friendships. And once we’ve begun to live Christ-centered lives, then we’ve got to lead others to hear and follow that same call.

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