Dioceses Considering Using Project Nazareth

Project Nazareth is a pastoral initiative designed to help parishes cooperate with parents in fulfilling their educational mission. The Directory for Catechesis (124) affirms that “Believing parents, with their daily example of life, have the most effective capacity to transmit the beauty of the Christian faith to their children.” The Directory continues that the greatest challenge to this is “…the mentality of delegation that is so common, according to which the faith is set aside for specialists in religious education.” The paragraph concludes by reiterating the Church’s calling to “cooperate with parents through suitable pastoral initiatives, assisting them in the fulfillment of their educational mission.” 

Project Nazareth exists to promote authentic Catholic formation in the context of the family, the domestic church.  The weekly toolkits provide your parish leaders everything they need to promote conversation and practice of the faith at home. Whether a parish chooses the Sacred Mysteries, Good News, or one of several mini-series; Project Nazareth is designed to encourage families to continue their journey of faith together, regardless of where they start. 

Through Project Nazareth parish leaders and volunteers find they develop relationships with parents that enable them to have adult conversations about faith. Parents who engage with Project Nazareth find their own relationship with Jesus deepened as a result, an essential part of the domestic church. 

Diocesan and Parish Leaders who choose Project Nazareth are accompanied along the way through ongoing communication and support. Guides and resources for going deeper are available, as are a variety of training webinars and support videos designed to answer questions and provide practical suggestions to get the most of out your experience.

(Arch)Dioceses interested in using Project Nazareth

contact Michael Lavigne at mlavigne@rcab.org.

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