– Good News Series –

The Good News Series encourages families to consider God’s infinite love for humanity. Together you will explore the great story of salvation, from Creation and the Fall to Redemption and the gift of New Life. These core truths of our Christian faith help us understand and articulate, in a simple way, who God is and who we are in relationship to Him. Along the way families will refresh, review, or learn anew some of the great prayers and spiritual practices of the Catholic faith. 


In Creation, your family will ponder the existence of God and how God is the creator of all things. You will reflect on how we are created in God’s image and likeness and how God desires a relationship with us both now and forever in Heaven. 
The Fall

The second part of the Good News Series is covered in the unit on The Fall. By reflecting on The Fall, your family will ponder how sin disfigures the goodness of God’s creation: how Adam and Eve chose not to trust God and explore the effects this had for all humanity. In creative and appropriate ways, you will discuss the reality of original sin, personal sin, and especially, hope. Despite our weaknesses, trusting God can lead us closer to Him and help us to grow in holiness. 


God’s love for us is revealed in His plan to free us from the effects of the Fall so that we can live fully in relationship with Him. Your family will explore together what it means that God become a human being in the person of Jesus Christ, His son. You will reflect on how Jesus freely offered Himself for us, through His life, death and resurrection, for the forgiveness of our sins 
New Life

God’s act of redemption through Christ has saved us from the sinful effects of the Fall and restores us as a new creation. Your family will discover what it means to accept this offer of new life by choosing to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. You will explore how through prayer, scripture and the Sacraments we can grow in our relationship with Jesus. Together you will reflect on gift of the Holy Spirit that we receive and how He enables us to embrace our new life in Christ. 
Throughout the Good News Series there are practical suggestions of ways to help you develop a life of prayer, both individually and as a family. There are also ideas for activities your family can do together to reinforce the topics discussed, as well as additional resource for adults seeking to go deeper in a variety of the topics explored.
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