Past Webinars

A Year of Project Nazareth: A Conversation Amongst Parish Leaders
Wednesday, March 24 1:00-2:00
With Chris Donoghue and Mike Drahos

How have you used Project Nazareth in your parish? What have been your successes and challenges? What can we learn from each other about how different parishes are using Project Nazareth? Join us for large and small group conversations around implementation and preparing for the next year of Project Nazareth.


Project Nazareth E-Communications Webinar
Video Recording
PDF of Notes
Wednesday, October 7, 1:00pm
With Michael Lavigne and Chris Donoghue

Michael and Chris will discuss ways that will help you effectively communicate with and support families in your parish who are engaged with Project Nazareth.

Project Nazareth and Your Family: A Webinar for Parents
Video Recording
Wednesday, September 30, 7:30pm
With Michael and Lori Lavigne

Michael and Lori Lavigne will discuss strategies and provide encouragement to parents in their journey of forming their families in the faith.

Project Nazareth: Volunteers and Catechists
Video Recording
Wednesday September 9, 1-2pm

Chris Donoghue and Mike Drahos will discuss strategies and best practices for working with volunteers and catechists in support of Project Nazareth.

September 2, Project Nazareth: Parents and Families
Video Recording
Wednesday September 2, 1-2pm

Melissa Kalpakgian and Tom Lyman will offer a meditation on the Holy Family in Nazareth and offer ways of encouraging and supporting parents in using Project Nazareth to bring our faith into the daily life of families. The webinar will offer reflections and practical advice to parish leaders discerning how to support parents using Project Nazareth.

August 26, Project Nazareth: Distribution and Communication
Video Recording

This webinar will discuss how the Archdiocese will deliver content to those who sign up to participate in Project Nazareth. We will ask you to complete a participation form separate from the interest form. We will soon e-mail via Flocknote to those who sign up the parent, prayer, and parish guides, and the content for the Sacred Mysteries series through the 4th Sunday of Advent. We will soon have the content map for Christmas 2020 through Easter 2021 available as well. Our web presence for Project Nazareth is still in production. We will also host webinars weekly, on Wednesdays at 1pm, for 30-60 minutes, for those participating in Project Nazareth, covering different topics and answering questions each week.

August 19, Project Nazareth: Implementation Ideas
Video Recording

On Wednesday, August 19, 2020 we hosted a webinar that will provide ideas on how to implement Project Nazareth in a parish setting. Topics to be covered: Program structure, Volunteers, Parents, Parish support, etc.


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