Faith begins at home.

Passing on your Catholic faith is some of the most crucial work a parent will do. PROJECT NAZARETH is a resource to help families grow their faith together. It is a tool to build the domestic church with Christ as the cornerstone. As the Venerable, Fr. Patrick Peyton shared, “The family that prays together, stays together.”

Family gathered around dinner table

The Toolkit

The toolkit offers families ways to LISTEN, PRAY, and ACT with Sacred Scripture.

PROJECT NAZARETH is a resource to help families deepen their relationship with God at home. Together, you are encouraged to listen to stories from the Bible, talk about what was shared, pray, and finally, act out what you learned through fun and meaningful activities.

In the Home

With PROJECT NAZARETH, we hope parents will become more comfortable speaking about their faith with their children. Creating a Catholic culture at home is important if we want to give our kids the best chance of carrying their faith into adulthood. Instead of a classroom model with special time set aside for God, PROJECT NAZARETH is a model for your home. Talking about God and the faith is interwoven into daily life through the three sections of the toolkits.

The materials can be adapted for families of all ages and for those with varying abilities. The materials are offered in various languages, but mostly English and Spanish.


Families listen to the Word of God, then discuss what they heard using the questions provided.


Families grow their habit of praying together and even learn new ways to pray.


Families expand a culture of living and sharing their faith through a simple weekly activity.

Hands folded in prayer over a Bible

In the Parish

God desires to be in relationship with each one of us. As parents accompany their children on their journey of faith, parish leaders accompany and support parents in this role.

Parishes can use PROJECT NAZARETH to supplement their faith formation program to help families build habits of prayer. Or, it can be the parish faith formation program! Whatever the parish chooses, PROJECT NAZARETH encourages parishes to further equip and accompany parents in their role of passing on the faith. Contact us for ideas!

The Series

Good News Series

Together families will explore the great story of salvation: from Creation and the Fall to Redemption and the gift of New Life. These core truths of our Christian faith help us understand and articulate, in a simple way, who God is, why we exist,  and who we are in relationship to Him.

The Good News series is perfect for families who need to refresh their memory on the basics of the faith or are new to Project Nazareth.

Good News

The Eucharist Series

Over four weeks, families will reflect on the two liturgies of the Mass, the origin of the Eucharist, God’s plan for salvation, and our call to ‘go forth’ and share the Good News at Mass.

The Eucharist series is a great way to prepare for the Last Supper or Corpus Christi.

The Eucharist

Dignity of Life Series

Project Nazareth collaborated with The Pelican Project Ministry to create a series for  your family to ponder the beauty and dignity with which God created humans.

October and January are particularly poignant times for this series.

Dignity of Life

St. Joseph Series

This four week series can help your family to reflect on the life of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph as a family living the routine of their daily life at home.

Consider using it with your family in the months of March, May, or November when we celebrate St. Joseph and All Saints.

Saint Joseph

Open Wide Our Hearts Series

This four week series is built upon the USCCB’s document Open Wide Our Hearts. Families will discuss human dignity, the call to love others, and resist racism.

A great summertime series!

Open Wide Our Hearts

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