Project Nazareth Weekly Toolkits

Each week Project Nazareth provides tools to help families grow together in faith right at home. Every toolkit has a basic fact of our faith drawn from Sacred Scripture, which is further elaborated with the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

These toolkits explore:
The Good News | the fundamental Gospel message, or the kerygma
Sacred Mysteries | liturgical based off of Sunday’s readings
The Eucharist, Saints, and current issues

Holy Family

The Tools

Learning Objective

Each week we take a basic theological concept from Scripture for the week. They are kept short and simple to make it easy to grasp and remember.

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Our faith has many mysteries. Pondering them builds up our faith. The toolkits offer questions and conversation starters for families to ponder the concept of the week. You can incorporate these conversations into daily life routines, such as driving to and from school or while together at the dinner table.

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Scripture is an amazing gift God has given us to listen to His Word. Each week Project Nazareth will provide Scripture passage that inspired the week’s concept for the family to listen and reflect on the words of God. Listening to God in prayer is at the heart of Project Nazareth.

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Here we offer prayer suggestions for the week to expand and deepen your family’s prayer life. The prayers vary from week to week:  a recited prayer, song,  time of silence, or a decade of the rosary. The Pray section will help children begin a prayer life of their own and help your family develop your own spirituality.

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Children often learn by doing. Project Nazareth offers weekly activities to help solidify children’s understanding of the week’s concept. You may choose to do all of the activities. From games to works of mercy, the weekly toolkit mixes up the activities each week to fit the needs and preferences of everyone in your family.

Going Deeper

As you prepare for the week, you might find a point in the resources that strikes you and you want to know more. Or maybe your child asks a question that you are not sure how to answer. Going Deeper is to feed your curiosity and that of your child. This section is a few extra resources from Church documents, articles, and videos for these such occasions.

Faith begins at home.

Experience these teachings with your family today.