NEW – Good News Series

Together families will explore the great story of salvation: from Creation and the Fall to Redemption and the gift of New Life. Four sections with seven lessons each. These core truths of our Christian faith help us understand and articulate in a simple way who God is, why we exist, and who we are in relationship to him. The Good News Series is one of several in our Formation Series. $6.95 ea. with Boston parish discount at checkout.


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The Good News Series is perfect for families who need to refresh their memory on the basics of the faith or are new to Project Nazareth. This series can be helpful to faith formation leaders as a supplemental resource or as a homeschool option. It is 28 weeks (or lessons).

The formation series offers a new simplified format and design. The booklet is composed of Bible stories, prayers, and meaningful activities for the whole family. The series is geared toward children ages 6-15, but even the little ones will want to learn about Jesus too!

Booklets are 6 x 9 inches | 62 pages | Available in English; Spanish edition available May 2024


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