Marriage Preparation

Congratulations on your engagement! Now that you’re engaged you might be asking – What comes next? To begin, check out the Eight Steps for Engaged Couples here. One such step is to participate in a marriage preparation workshop often referred to as Pre-Cana. The program we use in the Boston Archdiocese is one that we developed called Transformed in Love.

Transformed in Love prepares engaged couples, and those seeking a convalidation, to build a solid foundation for their sacred and lifelong union; one built on Jesus Christ. It will help you:

  • Understand the nature of marriage and the impact its sacramental character can have on the spouses, family, and society
  • Learn practical skills and tools to assist with healthy communication and managing expectations well
  • Engage in relationship-building exercises to develop a strong connection between spouses
  • Hear firsthand the experiences of other married couples
Couple kneeling before the priest elevating the Eucharist on their wedding day
Groom kissing his bride's hand on wedding day

Marriage Prep Schedule

Below is a list of faith communities that host Transformed in Love or Transformados en el Amor. There is a selection of both virtual and in person workshops to choose from. Please scroll down for the 2022-2023 dates/locations that work best for you and click where applicable for exact times. 

If you find yourself in need of special accommodations, please contact us for alternative options.

Hosted by the Pastoral Center in Braintree

  • May 19-20 (In person) | Register here
  • June 16-17 (In person) | Register here

Hosted by Parish Teams 

  • May 19-20 (In person) | St. Michael, Nth. Andover | Register here

Hosted by Centers 

  • St. Basil, Methuen (In person)
    May 12-13 | June 9-10 | October 14-15 | Dec. 9-10 | Register here
  • Paulist Center, Boston
    May 12-13 (Virtual) | Register here

Transformados en el Amor (Español/en persona)

  • 22 y 23 de abril, 2023 | 10 y 11 de junio | 28 y 29 de octubre | St. Stephen, Framingham | Email here 
  • 20 y 21 de mayo 20-21, 2023 | 10 y 11 de junio 10-11 | St. Columbkille, Brighton | Email here
  • New dates TBD | Santa María, Waltham | Email here | Cel: 617-935-6285  
  • New dates TBD | St. Patrick, Lowell | Call 716-598-0186 for info
  • For more information about Transformed in Love in Vietnamese, use the contact information found here

What Your Workshop Covers

Transformed in Love explores the following topics:

  • Self-Knowledge: Knowing Your True Self
  • Communication: Relationship Skills for Marriage
  • Expectations:  Great Expectations Are Managed Well
  • What is Love?  The Four Loves
  • God is Love: Proclaiming the Good News (Kerygma)
  • What is Marriage? God’s Plan for Love and Life
  • The Sacrament of Matrimony: You, Me, and Jesus
  • The Rite of Marriage: The Consent We Give and Live
  • Finances: Let’s Talk Money
  • Five Spiritual Practices for Marriage and Family Life: Keeping Christ at the Center of Our Marriage
  • The Mass: The Presence of Christ
  • Marital Sexuality: Love’s Perfect Design
  • We are on a Mission: Our Marriage and Family, An Icon of God’s Love


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