Secretariat for Evangelization & Discipleship

The primary goal of the Secretariat for Evangelization and Discipleship is to energize and pass on the Catholic Faith through our parishes, schools, and agencies.

To do this, we provide timeless resources that cover numerous topics to support evangelization, youth and young adults, religious education, marriage ministries, and a myriad of other outreach initiatives.

Office of Divine Worship

Under the pastoral leadership and guidance of the Archbishop of Boston, the Office for Divine Worship serves as a resource for the celebration of the Sacred Liturgy through the Archdiocese. We offer access to helpful resources, support, and training regarding divine worship for parishes.

Office of Parish Services

Managing finances is one of the top challenges of running a parish. As such, we provide resources for pastors, finance and operation managers, and business managers to streamline financial management for their parishes.

Office of Pastoral Planning

Pastoral planning is an integral aspect of carrying out God’s work. Through careful planning, parishes can spread the gospel and do the will of God amid demographic and other major changes. We provide helpful resources to assist parishes in this regard.

Office of Lifelong Faith Formation and Parish Support

We serve pastors, clergy, pastoral teams, and lay leaders in evangelization and catechesis for the mission of forming disciples of Jesus Christ in the parishes and institutions of the Archdiocese of Boston by providing relevant information, training, consultation, and events.

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Parish Ministry and Family Life

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