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God designed marriage to be a reflection of His love for humanity.

Through the Sacrament of Matrimony, we learn about the type of love to which God calls married couples: one that wills the good of the other for their entire life.

Therefore, making the covenant of marriage last requires serious work and it’s essential that parishes support couples, starting from their engagement and throughout their life together.

Transformed in Love sacramental marriage preparation provides those in marriage ministry a timeless yet flexible resource to prepare engaged couples for the holy and noble work of marriage.  

Couple kneeling before the priest elevating the Eucharist on their wedding day
Groom kissing his bride's hand on wedding day

About Transformed in Love

Transformed in Love prepares engaged couples, and those seeking a convalidation, to build a solid foundation for their sacred and lifelong union; one built on Jesus Christ.

It was developed by a dedicated team of married couples, theologians, psychologists, canon lawyers, priests, deacons, and more to create a spiritually thoughtful and practical preparation for the sacrament as envisioned by Boston’s Cardinal Seán O’Malley.

Transformed in Love helps couples:

  • Understand the nature of marriage and the impact its sacramental character can have on the spouses, family, and society
  • Learn practical skills and tools to assist with healthy communication and managing expectations well
  • Engage in relationship-building exercises to develop a strong connection between spouses
  • Hear firsthand the experiences of married couples

What This Resource Includes

Transformed in Love covers the following topics:

  • Self-Knowledge: Knowing Your True Self
  • Communication: Relationship Skills for Marriage
  • Expectations: Great Expectations Are Managed Well
  • What is Love? The Four Loves
  • God is Love: Proclaiming the Good News (Kerygma)
  • What is Marriage? God’s Plan for Love and Life
  • The Sacrament of Matrimony: You, Me, and Jesus
  • The Rite of Marriage: The Consent We Give and Live
  • Finances: Let’s Talk Money
  • Five Spiritual Practices for Marriage and Family Life: Keeping Christ at the Center of Our Marriage
  • The Mass: The Presence of Christ
  • Marital Sexuality: Love’s Perfect Design
  • We are on a Mission: Our Marriage and Family, An Icon of God’s Love


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