Take one of our workshops to enhance your discipleship and learn more about the ways of evangelization.

Forming Disciples in Mission

This workshop is designed to give you the tools to understand the New Evangelization, embrace living as an intentional disciple & become comfortable sharing your personal witness to form disciples in your family, neighborhood, workplace, & parish. Advanced Registration required.

Forming Leaders for Mission

This virtual workshop is designed to support all disciples in discerning and developing their particular calls to lead within their families, neighborhoods, workplaces, and parish lives. Advanced Registration required.

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Threshold Conversations Workshop

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Charisms Workshop

The Holy Spirit builds up the Body of Christ through charisms, special graces that equip us to live out our discipleship? Join us for a prayerful 3-hour workshop to learn more about individual charisms and the importance of discerning and exercising our charisms to fully live out our discipleship, become the people we were made out of love to be, and bear fruit for His mission!

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Transformed in Love

Transformed in Love is the marriage preparation program used to prepare couples for the Sacrament of Matrimony within the Archdiocese of Boston and beyond.